Saturday, 25 May 2013

Memory Lane

En route between Brixton and Greenwich, dropped in on Dibden House, Southampton Way, SE5.  What a classy joint.  Student digs, all those years ago, and still standing...

Something of a contrast to the new place...

and a few minutes to spare at Chelsea Flower Show this week, too..
Found my sewing box;  found myself darning my winter wool slippers.  Reckon I'm comfortably at home.  Still surrounded by packing boxes, but they'll gradually empty..

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

In time, photos..

.. for now, unpacking, bumbling back & forth between Staines & Windlesham.. and today, Chelsea Flower Show.  When I get internetted-up at the new place, you'll hear much more.

New improved Thyroxin prescription yesterday, for underperforming thyroid - instant re-instatement of (a) sense of humour & (b) perspective.  Sigh.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

It didn't rain :)

My four north London containers now reside in leafy Surrey.  The rain held off until the removals men were lifting the plants off the van.

Some rooms look bigger, others smaller than I'd remembered. Only one is painted an eye-watering blue.  Discovered a few minor breakages as I began unpacking, nothing to cry over.  Juggling unpacking with daily life in Staines for now.  It'll take a while..  No internet yet - but the landline is up and running..  The previous owners were a bit Heath Robinson with some of their home improvements.. we have time to figure it all out..

One neighbour has already delivered a "Welcome" card, via her very lovely 6yr old son.

The sun came out briefly and reassuringly late afternoon, lending shade to the patio and plenty of sun across the lawn.  Must get one of those soil testing kits.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Completing on purchase today & collecting keys, sometime after noon.  Cleaning kit at the ready, if I can get in [visions of estate agent fighting with the lock the first time we viewed it].  My removals men and heavy rain now forecast for tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

To Richmond for a fridge..

.. picking up a second-hand interim fridge today, which can linger in M's boot until I pick up the new house keys on Tues.  We know the sellers are taking everything with a plug on it - washing machine, dishwasher etc, but I can't help speculating .. will they take the curtains, lightbulbs, switches, every last loo roll?  It's been known..

Still dealing with leftover bills from the old house.  Setting up services for the new..

Clear sky forecast for moving day!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Peace and quiet

It's been a warm, welcome, wonderful weekend, with plenty of rest, and only one night's sleep lost to deranged panic.  Tomorrow & the week ahead - plenty to sort out for the new house.

Riverside picnic on the lawn between the house and the river in Staines today.  Sufficient time in hand for Catherine to make daisy chains, and us all to take turns in the hammock.  Others have conscientiously gardened.  I made appreciative noises, and read instead.  Thoroughly relished slowing down after last week's madness.

Tiger has slept all day, only waking to move between beds.

Friday, 3 May 2013


Exchanged at 5pm today; to complete on Tue 14th [Jonah & Vivi's birthday].  Provisionally booked removers to bring stuff out of store on Wed 15th.